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The Key to Life and Calculus

The good thing about maths, is that stuff like denial does not exist

In life, love, work and relationships only two parameters really matter. Where you start and where you end.

I mean that’s the tangible bit that you can measure and build upon. The rest of the stuff in the middle is a mix of effort, failure, obfuscation and confusion addled with dollops of insecurity and denial.

Ultimately, we will all die and be burnt or buried naked. So achievements can mean pretty much nothing depending on the yardstick of measurement. However, in a frenetic world crammed with over sensitised media, idle human minds take refuge in dopamine led states of plausible deniability across the badlands of the internet where chat windows, anonymous faces and follower counts are the closest reality to bridging the boring chasm between where you are and where you wanted to be.

A caped crusader, or a space invader, in the land of denial.

The good thing about maths, is that stuff like denial does not exist. Things are either right or wrong.

So let’s see if good old calculus can prove the above diatribe.

Suppose you have a sequence of numbers : f = 1 5 12 7 10

Their difference would be (v) = {(+4) (+7) (–5) (+3)}

Therefore the sum of differences would be (4+7–5+ 3)= 9

Which is again equal to the difference between {10 -1} ; the difference between the last number and first number in the initial function set

In Calculus’ terms, no mater how many functions ( f’s) we choose the sum of differences is controlled by the {first (f)} and the {last (f)}

In other words : {Difference in Function} = {( f) last —( f) first}

Stretching to life in general…of all the losses you cut out in the middle, at the end what matters is where you started from and where you ended at.

Now think about the relevance of it by applying it specifically to all that you may have lost or gained in your everyday existence over the past decade.

Do you feel successful?

If you do, then most probably you are. If not, you probably missed the bus the last time around.

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